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Demencia Beivide
Lilian Muñoz A.K.A. Demencia Beivide

Lilian Muñoz es una artista visual mexicana, formada como Diseñadora Gráfica por la Universidad del Valle de México y posteriormente como artista plástica en los talleres de renombrados artistas a lo largo de los años, actualmente produce en la ciudad de Querétaro. Empezó su carrera en el 2009, creando una característica línea de trabajo bajo el seudónimo de “Demencia Beivide”.

Lilian Muñoz: Demencia Beivide

Artist Demencia Beivide

Demencia Beivide / No Comment / febrero 28, 2017


Lilian Muñoz is a mexican visual artist, formed as a graphic designer by the Universidad del Valle de México, Campus Querétaro. She exhibits her work since 2009, having participated in various disciplines like Street Art, Industrial Design, ceramics, interiorism, ilustration, painting and other artistic interventions, Demencia’s technique has focused on topics like Mexican Cosmogony, portraits, folkart, but her paint strokes and lines create a colorful texture, a insane graphic that defines her creations.

Actually Lilian and her husband run one of the first Urban Art in town, Querétaro, Mexico, promoting and exhibiting art in Mexico.


To be an artist is to have a talent and flourish it, its the passion inside you that makes you seek, question and observe your environment, for you to create something tangible and make others reflect about it. Is a human being with a holistic growth, that delights itself in a visual and addictive way. When I found love in arts, I discovered that the only certain thing in my life was to paint, from the need to find peace Demencia Beivide was created.

We are a mixture of experiences and the most important are the ones that define us as individuals, this is why a creator seeks for uniqueness and truth, passing thru tecniques and trends, creating a complete process of metamorfosis. Working as an artist seeking for a conceptual and geniune process, this makes art have a lot of defenitions, for me is the ability to express and a medium to confront the public.

Its an explotion of feelings, in which I feel transported, entering in millions of cavities that make up every figure and form in my paintings. My creative process starts in a paint smudge, where colors melt an tecniques blend together, they join themselves to give life to expression, until its a complete color symphony. Made of many adventurous paint drops that remids us about the beauty of the unperfect. The festivities and the cult to mexican traditions inspire me because they live today within all of us.

Trascending the moments of pure creativity, from insanity that lets me survive the social reality we live today, Demencia Beivide manifests as a call for help, creating a wave of awareness against the society we buid today.

I seek to immortalize the scream within us, an insane voice that resounds with the wind.

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